SGBICom offers companies an attractive, effective opportunity for their international development while maintaining high control and low risk. The competition aims to ensure that companies receive the resources, services and support they need to access the Chinese market. The goals of the competition include building expertise and supporting networks. We offer them the opportunity to significantly reduce risks and set-up costs for later market development in China.

The program is aimed at aspiring start-up companies and established SMEs that want to successfully tap the Chinese market for themselves.

We are looking for innovative business ideas and can support them on their way to China with our Chinese networks.

Through SGBICom, we offer them co-working spaces in the 33-million metropolis of Chongqing, among other places.

Our partners provide your company with a strategic, value-added system for management, financing and matchmaking. We promote your growth and internationalization in cooperation with our Chinese venture capital through our own investment fund.